My France Odyssey

Firefly car hire – the collection

I booked a car after I had been lucky(?) enough to obtain a very good deal flying to Charles de Gaulle airport at Paris. I used Holiday Autos ( to find a good deal on car hire with unlimited mileage. On their website you are presented with a long list of available car hire companies with the cars they have available for the time you want the car. Among these, and offering a reasonable rate but not the cheapest was Firefly Car Rental (Note I don’t wish to promote them with a link). After consideration I booked a car.

firefly car rental possibly the worstSadly that turned out to be a big mistake. Firstly there is quite a hike to the ‘car rental area’ at terminal 2D. When you think you have found it where other, perhaps more well known, hirers are you are directed to a dim and gloomy car park where Firefly are housed in what looks like an updated portacabin.

I entered their office expecting a cheery “Bonjour” but was greeted with nothing, not even a sneer. Almost inevitably there was a queue, short, but nevertheless a queue. Having waited and waited I was eventually attended to by a surely and unpleasant fellow. However I’m on holiday so not going to be put out of my happy state by this moron. After interminable clicking of the keyboard, going to a file cabinet and opening and closing of a drawer laughing boy demanded a signature, tossed me a key and waved dejectedly saying “it’s out there”. We searched around for a while eventually finding a car which responded to the unlock button on the key. It was filthy outside and dirty inside. However it was a car, it had petrol, it was big enough and it started. With the use of wet wipes and tissues were able to see through the windscreen and drove away leaving the airport behind.

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